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Scientists Uncover Intelligent Life of the Male Species

What just happened? Was this all a dream?

I just stayed out all night with a guy who worships Jacques Cousteau, loves marine life as much as I do, does yoga, finds beauty in all world religions, thinks outside of the box, gets a high from accupuncture, and actually seems to be a pretty credible feminist.

Fucking weird.

Even weirder? We actually spent all night talking.

It seems I've stumbled across a true gentleman who understands that connections come from long, deep discussions and soulful looks, not just from inserting Tab A into Slot B.

Don't get me wrong, I'll be thoroughly moaning in my sleep tonight, just thinking about the hot intellectual intercourse I just had. And I would have kissed him insane amounts if I didn't mind giving him my cold. But man. Nothing like finding a person who respects you as...*gasp*...a whole human being. I'm reeling, and I kick myself for not having told him this.

We're going out for sushi on Thursday. Can't fucking wait.

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