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Roly-Poly Fluffballs of DOOM

Guess what we're getting on Sunday....

I'll give you a hint:


eeeeeeeeeeeeeee, FLUFFY!

That is all. Perhaps I'll write more when I'm coherent.

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[Stupid LJ logged me out]

EEEEEEE! I'm so happy for you!

My mom visited the puppy today, and keeps telling me that I'm going to freak out when I see how cuddly she is. I guess the puppy curled right up in my mom's arms for 20 minutes and didn't move except to give little puppy-kisses.

I'll see if I can post a picture of the little sweetie. She looks so precious that I think I'm already in love...


March 18 2006, 00:08:37 UTC 10 years ago

Hey, do you still have Disintegration? Cause your cd burner and myself could work out a little trade. I did recently acquire some delicious George Abdo (WITH the Flames of Araby) on vinyl. I'm sorry for always being so insensitive, uncompassionate and holier-than-thou. I didn't mean to make you feel like I wanted you to become a hopeless and secondary groupie. I wanted to get that off my chest. I'm so glad your dancing is looking up once more. You are on an unstoppable collision course with being very, very appreciated by someone or another.
not creepy but copious love,
Fucking shit, you have George Abdo on vinyl? Where do you find this stuff? And what other treasures are you hiding up your ass, my dear Sphanct-Boy?

I never got to tell you just how amped I was on what you sent me for Christmas. The instructional blurbs on the back are priceless: "Practice this in the mirror and soon you too may charm the wiliest caliph of Baghdad!"

I seldom hear from you (partially because I suck at keeping in touch), but when I do, it really makes me happy. I hope you know you always have made me happy, maybe more so than you or I will ever be able to comprehend. Distance was a bitch and I also had a lot of growing up to do. On my end of things, I apologize for being such an ungrateful drama queen. There are stupid fights that we had that, to this day, I can't believe I instigated. I guess nothing really affects me anymore, having TRULY been objectified and mistreated several times. If anything, I've become a hardass prick. But fuck, I still feel like I was such a psychotic, hormonal whackadoo to you. I'm sorry for taking you for granted.

I still love you, mofo.

Oh, and to actually answer your question:

Yes, I still have Disintegration, and yes, I'll burn you a copy.
Eeeek, I'm excited for you! What kind of puppy is she??
Yay! I'm absolutely stoked.

She's a Golden.

All I have to say is...Cutest. Thing. EVER.

I am so happy that Mark and I went last night! The food was kickass, and the dancing was just breathtaking. I knew you were good just from the way you talked about it (you can tell when someone has a natural flair for something when they talk about it), but it was just so amazing to see live and in person.

Plus, Turkish food rocks.

I will work on the shoulder and hip moves that you taught me and pray that, one day, something other than my ass jiggles when I do it. ;)