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Sleep Deprivation is My Anti-Drug

Just got back from a night at the Turkish restaurant with my dance teacher. Meaning, if there's a weekly quota for how many times I can say "asscrack" and "pussy," I filled it in about 15 minutes. Sweeeet.

Anyway. So much going on. No time to write. Gahhhhhhh.

Remind me to tawlk about the following tawpics (over cawfee, dahlings):


Popping my cherry (As in losing my restaurant gig virginity; my hymen, on the other hand, still is available to the highest bidder)

My outstanding customer service skills in the face of a query on ass lube and BUTTSECKS

A bunch of Egyptian costume shit that I bought

And so on, and so on.

Until then, some words of wisdom. As tempting as respiration may sound, don't EVER inhale while spraying a hair tonic that contains fenugreek and cayenne. You may as well do a line of curry powder.

And now, to quote Creamy: Alas, Cottage Cheese. We will never be. For you are a slut, and I am but a lactating fool.



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